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A Visit to Storkland


Our project is devoted to storks. The students will have the chance to look for, talk about, share, compare and present information on the life and preservation of those fascinating birds. While working on the project we will explore the impact of human activity on storks’ life and highlight things which might pose a danger to them. In the beginning our students will present themselves, their class, town and country (e-mails, chats, forum, videoconferences and PowerPoint presentation). Then they will collect and exchange interesting facts about storks (information on life, proverbs, legends, riddles, poems) and finally they will put the information into practice preparing a book of Maths problems connected with storks and their life, a film A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A STORK (the use of Windows Movie Maker), a comic strip STORKS’ TALES (for instance: the use of Comics Sketch or other drawing tools), interviews with storks from other countries, “diamante poems”, a calendar with drawings or pictures of storks in different seasons, a Maths/Science quiz testing the knowledge of storks (the use of Hot Potatoes). The project including a wide range of motivating activities will provide a non-artificial context for interaction and communication, allowing pupils to form friendships with foreign peers, boost their vocabulary and communication skills. What is more, it will help to widen their knowledge of new technologies, Science and Maths as well as increase their self-confidence.
Science, Maths, English, Art., Craft, IT

Languages: English

Pupil's age: 10 – 12

Tools to be used: audio conference, chat, e-mail, forum, other software (PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, Hot Potatoes, Comics Sketch or other drawing tools, pictures ), video conference, web publishing, digital camera, scanner

- To get to know each other and promote international friendship
- To enhance the interest of storks among students
- To raise awareness of the impact of human activity on storks’ life
- To select, evaluate important information and present their outcomes
- To learn how to create presentations and films and teach others
- To become familiar with web-based communication and collaborative tools.
- To improve English in real communication.

Work schedule:
September 2009
- getting acquainted with TwinSpace tools
- familiarizing the students with eTwinning and the aims of our project
October 2009
- getting to know each other (PowerPoint presentations, chat, forum), collecting interesting information on the life of storks
November 2009
- writing “diamante poems” concerning storks
- interviews with storks from the partner countries (questions appear in “Stork Forum” until April 2010)
December 2009
- preparing a book of Maths problems connected with storks and their lives, sending the tasks to the partners
January 2010
- solving the tasks received from the partners
- New Year’s packets ( a stork mascot + other souvenirs of the country)
February 2010
- creating a comic strip “Stork Tales” (Comics Sketch or other drawing tools)
March 2010
- preparing a film: A YEAR IN A LIFE OF A STORK ” (Windows Movie Maker)
- organizing a competition for the most interesting stork's dress
April 2010
- preparing “A Stork Calendar ” with pictures or drawings
May 2010
- preparing a Science/Maths quiz testing the knowledge of storks (Hot Potatoes)

Expected results: a book of Maths problems, a film A YEAR IN A LIFE OF A STORK, “diamante poems”, interviews with storks, “Stork Calendar ”, a comic strip “Storks’ Tales”, a Maths/Science quiz testing the knowledge of storks, presentations at school events during which a photo gallery and project results will be presented, articles in local newspapers.
Dorota Zimacka, Agata Czarniakowska, Barbara